Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Shoes!!

I LOVE these shoes!!! So I have a problem with a website called Modcloth - my problem? I want to buy EVERYTHING on this site!

So I asked these for these shoes for Christmas. I'm not a high-heel shoe type of girl. I like the look of them, but I just don't wear them. Because I have a size 11 foot, it's very hard for me to find shoes in the first place. But there's a pair of shoes on Modcloth that I absolutely fell in LOVE with! Proudly Posh heels. These are BEAUTIFUL! My mother bought them for me for Christmas and I can't wait for my feet to be conditioned so that they are fully comfortable!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome! And my New Year's Revolutions...2014

Here's to 2014. To leaving 2013 in the past (along with so many other years). 2013 had some ups, but way too many downs.

One thing for 2014? This blog. Welcome to my Blog! I'm Annie. I love (as my blog title states...) Books, Bikes and Canning!

So what is this blog about? My adventures in those three things (these are a few of my favorite things...) and many many other adventures. I'm 34 years old, married and we have 3 fur-babies. A Golden Retriever, a Pug and a Calico cat. I have created this blog to share my adventures.

Books - I love reading. But what I REALLY love is listening to books. Audio books, that is! When I was young (and really up until about 7-8 years ago or so) you wouldn't find me without a book in hand. I have a kindle fire and read on it, on occasion, but I LOVE my audio books! They're perfect for the car, on my way to/from work...they're absolutely perfect for my bike riding! Right now I'm big into Paranormal - however I have not (and who knows when I will) ever read Twilight! My favorite series, so far, is the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. Yes these are the "True Blood" books. I love both the books and the show - but the books are by FAR superior. Currently I am reading Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill.

Bikes - I'm not a "serious cyclist" but I love my bike. I'm very lucky to live in a very bike friendly city and last year, I did my very first 30-mile Tour de Cure! It was GREAT! It's so exhilarating and, of course, great exercise! I've love riding my bike since I was a teenager and would ride it everywhere all the time...but I also live in a city that has cold winters and I'm too far from work to ride to/from instead I drive...but if I had the chance, I'd love to ride my bike to/from work.

Canning - Last year I got into canning and preserving foods. This is due to my husband (whom I will refer to as "D") and mine's hobby of gardening! We have a nice little yard where we've built some nice gardens and it's definitely a learning process. We have tried gardening the past 2 or 3 years but didn't get serious about it til this past summer. Some things worked, others did not. But I learned to (and learned to love) canning!! I really only started in July of this year, but I jumped in head first!

So, again, welcome to my blog. I will post my canning adventures, my biking adventures and my favorite books...along with many other things in between.

So for my New Year's Resolutions (or as I'm calling them, my 2014 GOALS):

1. Update my shoe collection. I love shoes...or at least am beginning to. I've honestly, actually always found shoe shopping torturous. I wear a size 11 and trying to find cute shoes has always been pretty much impossible! But now, it seems, shoe stores are FINALLY starting to carry size 11 and 12's!

2. Ride the entire trail that goes through our city. We have a great bike trail that goes through our city and is about 16 miles from end to end. I want to Ride it from start to finish and back.

3. Be able to run 2 miles straight. Last year I got into running and was able to go 1 mile (about 15 minutes/mile, yes I'm SLOW). This year, I will run 2 miles straight!

4. Possibly do a triathlon! Last year, one of my friends and I signed up to do one (a sprint, of course)...but it got cancelled, which is probably a good thing, as - while I thought I was ready, I'm not sure I am. So I will be training for a triathlon this year!

5. "Read" (ok, listen) to 30 books. I have a ton on my list and the library here is chock-FULL of audio books! I'll post a new page (and a link to my page) with my list!

6. Organize all my files/pictures on my laptop. Especially my genealogy pictures and baby pictures of me and my husband.

7. Add to this list as I feel like it! That's all for now! Later!